First idea Title - Red Eye

I want to explore the colour red and its effect on photography and the emotions it conveys, which are often harsh and contrasting such as passion and rage. I was particularly influenced by the Red Light District in Amsterdam, where the colour red signifies an almost warning and opening to the public of the place they are about to enter.

Tobias Zielony - from his series Jenny Jenny


Connotations of the colour red

- passion

- energy

- strength

- war

Second idea summary (title tbc)

I am particularly influenced by the numerous illustrations and drawings I did in Amsterdam. I found that this exercise was really successful in loosening up the way I expressed myself artistically, after so long of just using photography.

Thus, in the theme of using more expressive medias/formats I am going to work into my photographs, taken before during and after commune; using layering, cutting as I’ve started in one of my reference images.

I will specifically use photographs that I feel reflect my emotions, and I will develop how I show this using the layering etc. In the interest of stepping out of my comfort zone, I will also attempt to make a typeface to accompany my work.



Project 1 Brief

Shift in focus for project

I was advised to create a system I which I am pushing my personal discomfort while also producing work, in order for this project to be fruitful. The Lars von Trier reference was given to me by my tutor as an example how I could systematically challenge myself. The premise behind von Trier's project was to challenge his friend and filmmaker to remake one of his films five times, each with a challenge set by von Trier; for instance re-filming it in Cuba.


Lars von Trier - Five Obstructions


Independent review of The Five Obstructions