Research on other British Nigerians

I asked some of my friends who are of Nigerian heritage about their experience as a British Nigerian to see if their experiences were similar to mine. I asked them both what they like about being Nigerian as well as the negative connotations they have.  

Consensus gathered from feedback

- Nigerians are often negatively seen as corrupt, scammers and dishonest - the often referenced 'Nigerian prince' scam

- They wish they knew they're native language more

- Other Nigerians often consider them to be weaker due their British upbringing 

Outcome ideas

- visualizing stereotypes and making a satire of them

- making a poster based around '419' - the Nigerian legal code for fraud

Photographing a Nigerian prince - exploring negative stereotypes


Practice background for shoot


Ruth Ossai - Nsukka, Nigeria


Vogue article on Ruth Ossai

Ruth Ossai portrait


Commentary on above image

The composition of this image is striking to me because it communicates to me the model's existence so well - with the house in the background, the scarf is almost like a protective armour.