Research for Unit 7

Dejah Naya Mccombe - inspiration for set design


in the sets I made for Project 4, I utilized a bed sheet as a prop in order to create the flowing effect seen in Mccombe's portraits.

Late Afternoon - Dejah Naya Mccombe

Photos from Harold Offeh lecture


Comments on lecture

I found it to be extremely relevant and resourceful to my project as he touched on not only race and identity but also how feminism and class has informed performance art in particular.

Paul Smith - Night Out

Photo from 'Night Out'


There is an interesting juxtaposition between the African culture depicted by Philip Kwame Apagya and other African photographers and the lad culture photographed by Paul Smith. There's a certain recklessness captured that is not seen in the other photographs I've researched.

Ruth Ossai - interview

Visit to South London Gallery



South London Gallery. (2018). FREE.YARD: PRAISE N PAY IT / PULL UP, COME INTO THE RISE - South London Gallery. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Apr. 2018].

Annotation of visit

Going here forced me to begin to visually situate my own work into a space that isn't necessarily a publication. Furthermore, it inspired me to consider the possibility of using audio to present my work if appropriate.

Dazed - Kenzo article

Kenzo film on Nigerian youth

Ruth Ossai - significant artist for research

She identifies firmly as an 'Igbo/Yorkshire' which I find very interesting  as she herself grew up in Nigeria but resides in the UK, and is able to reconcile both strong identities easily within herself. This is in direct contrast to my experience with British Nigerian identity, as I have not always felt connected to my Nigerian side.

Ruth Ossai #2


I Am Enough - photographed by Ruth Ossai


Philip Kwame Apagya - styling inspiration


Drawing on photographers rather than artists