Personal Project Proposal

Project Proposal for Unit 7


- exploring my heritage as I haven't always felt connected to

- researching how this has been thematically explored visually 

- research into whether this is a widespread problem

review draft

Part 2 has allowed me to produce to briefs that I would've seen myself doing 6 months prior, such as Building Blocks which was a task to make a typeface. 



Weekly planner for Unit 7

brief ideas

- focusing on uniforms and being a unit and this allows their individuality to shine through 

- think of tasks in which uniform is enforced on Poppy and Rosie

Uniform reference image - Robin Hammond


shift in theme for Unit 7

I have instead decided to focus on myself as a subject for Unit 7, with each project having an element of examining myself.

Frida Kahlo - Self portrait with thorn and hummingbirds


Analysis of painting

I chose this image as a literal reference to the fact I intend to focus my all projects with the running theme of self examination.


Nikki S Lee - a photographer and performance artist whose explored navigating race

Traditional Igbo carved doors - possible technique


Exhibition proposal for Lethaby Gallery

Statement about work


Additional bibliography